Sky Social, in collaboration with SBI Bhopal Circle CSR initiative, aimed at promoting menstrual health and hygiene practices among girls in Madhya Pradesh (MP) and Chhattisgarh (CG). Our joint effort focuses on distributing reusable sanitary pads to girls in selected government schools and hostels and creating awareness on Menstrual Hygiene Management across 35 districts, with the aim of combatting period poverty and reducing school dropouts.


Our initiative is driven by the goal of reaching approximately 500 girls in each district, identified with the support of the Tribal Department. By partnering with Pee Safe for the dissemination of high-quality reusable sanitary pads, we aim to provide practical support and education to empower young girls in their educational journey.


In collaboration with SBI and with significant support from the Tribal Departments of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, our initiative is actively engaged in promoting menstrual health and hygiene practices. This collaboration underscores our commitment to social responsibility and community development.

Geographical Reach:

Our project spans across 25 districts in Madhya Pradesh and 10 districts in Chhattisgarh, impacting over 17,000 girls. Specifically, 12,000 girls from Madhya Pradesh and 5,000 girls from Chhattisgarh have benefited from our efforts.

Madhya Pradesh


Team and Leadership:

Led by a dedicated team comprising Srishti Pragat, Founder of Sky Social, and supported by Arunima Tiwari, Sudha Tiwari, Akshay Shukla, Raju Bele, and Anil Rangdale, we are committed to driving positive change. Under the guidance of Deepak Kumar Jha, Deputy General Manager & CDO at SBI Bhopal Circle, under the expertise of Anil Kumar Srivastava- Assistant General Manager, with incredible support of Vikas Kumar- Chief Manager and Coordination’s with Binay Kumar Sahoo- Deputy Manager, Anupam Kumar- Deputy Manager and Dhirendra Batham

Impactful Workshops:

Our workshops, facilitated by a team of 14 trainers and experts from Sky Social, create a safe and supportive environment for discussing menstrual health in schools. Through sensitization sessions focused on gender, menstrual health, hygiene, sustainable menstrual products, and available medical assistance, we empower girls to manage their periods confidently and dignifiedly, thus reducing school dropouts.

Empowering Girls: Project Activities

Pre-Event Coordination: In preparation for the event, Sky Social meticulously carried out the following pre-event coordination activities:

  1. Coordination with SBI Local Head Office Team, Bhopal: Sky Social engaged in detailed discussions with the SBI LHO team in Bhopal to identify suitable locations for program execution, aligning with their Regional Branch Office's (RBO) strategic directives.
  2. Identification of Superior Sanitary Pad Product: Our team carefully selected and approved a high-quality sanitary pad product to ensure participant comfort and well-being.
  3. Strategic Planning across MP and CG: We devised a comprehensive plan encompassing the Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, and Jabalpur regions with a strategic vision to extend our program's impact across 25 districts of Madhya Pradesh and 10 districts of Chhattisgarh under the project name "Distribution of Reusable Sanitary Pads and Menstrual Hygiene Awareness."
  4. Collaborative Meeting with UNICEF: We facilitated a collaborative meeting with UNICEF to enhance the effectiveness and reach of our program modules.

Our Founder Srishti Pragat with SBI CSB/PR Team and Nupur from Pee Safe at Sky Social office

PEE SAFE Collaboration:

  1. Collaboration with PEE SAFE: Sky Social collaborated with PEE SAFE for the dissemination of their sanitary kits, including two regular pads and one overnight pad.
  2. Coordinator Distribution: Our team coordinated the distribution of sanitary kits in identified locations (RBO) to ensure accessibility for program participants.

Program Module:

The module was designed by the Sky Social team with the support of gender and health experts to ensure the effectiveness of the program implementation. The module covered essential topics such as menstrual hygiene management, menstrual cycle awareness, health implications, taboos and myths related to periods, sexual and reproductive health, and sustainability. Additionally, PEE SAFE sanitary kits were distributed with the assistance of Sky Social volunteers and school management, ensuring that participants had access to essential hygiene products.


1 Banner, 4 Standees at every workshop venue mentioning Project name, Empowering Quote, School name, SBI CSR Project with SBI Branding

Pre-Event Activities:

1. Collaboration with Tribal and Education Departments
2. Proactive Communication with District Coordinators
3. Route Plans and Venue Pre-visits
4. Comprehensive Need Assessments
5. Coordination with Local SBI Managers
6. Collaboration with District Public Relations Officers
7. Formal Invitation Letters from SBI
8. Pre-event Press Release from Sky Social
9. Training with BSSS Social Work Department
10. Volunteer Recruitment and Training

Volunteers from BSSS College: We've partnered with BSSS College's Department of Social Work to recruit enthusiastic young individuals for volunteer opportunities spanning across Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Pre-Event Training:

Activity on Event Day:

  1. Strategic Coordination with Stakeholders
  2. Pre-Event Site Visits for Meticulous Preparation
  3. Workshop Commencement and Overview
  4. Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Training
  5. Product Usage Training
  6. Teacher’s Training
  7. Receivables Documentation
  8. Introduction of SBI Team


• Training Impact Documentation
• Group Photos Showcasing Collaboration
Through these strategic initiatives, Sky Social ensures a well-organized and impactful implementation, setting the stage for meaningful engagement and positive outcomes in the targeted communities.

Locations in Madhya Pradesh was divided into 4 Regions:

  1. Bhopal Region:
    • Districts: Bhopal, Vidisha, Narmadapuram, Betul, Chhindwara
  2. Jabalpur Region:
    • Districts: Mandla, Jabalpur, Shahdol, Rewa, Chhatarpur
  3. Indore Region:
    • Districts: Harda, Khandwa, Indore, Dhar, Ujjain, Ratlam, Mandsaur
  4. Gwalior Region:
    • Districts: Katni, Damoh, Sagar, Guna, Shivpuri, Gwalior, Morena

This systematic division allowed us to effectively organize and implement our programs across Madhya Pradesh, ensuring maximum outreach and impact in each region.

Locations in Chhattisgarh was in 10 Districts:

Districts: Bilaspur, Korba, Ambikapur, Raigarh, Sarangarh, Baloda Bazar, Raipur, Durg, Kanker, Jagdalpur