Sky Social is a youth-led organization based in Madhya Pradesh working on gender mainstreaming and various social justice issues. Through an interventional model, Sky Social Social’s work is focused on supporting the government in achieving its target of the global goal of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Our work is reflective of its goals to achieve sustainable development goals and its various targets such as gender equality, ensuring inclusive education for all, employment, urgent actions to combat climate change, water and sanitation issues and last but not least promoting a peaceful and an inclusive society where justice prevails for all. We work with the community members, government authorities, various Departments and Ministries, UN Agencies, stakeholders, front-line workers and youth.

We work on various Sustainable Development Goals and social justice issues through an intersectional gender lens and hence we work with various stakeholders and government institutions to ensure that there is an effective and efficient implementation of various laws and policies.

Sky social fosters feminist movements linking it to global goals and related issues across India at different levels through a bottom-to-top approach where we ensure that the voices of grassroots reach the authorities and that can influence laws, policies and practices at the local, national, regional and international levels. We develop capacities, provide skill training, conduct consultations, and research, produce and disseminate analysis, conduct advocacy and foster networks and spaces for movement building to claim and strengthen human rights.

We believe that advances in human rights and especially women’s rights are achieved and sustained when autonomous feminist movements exist and have an enabling environment to work. We believe that law and policies play a major role in bringing change and that they are transformative.

We also believe that equality, Justice and the realisation of human rights can only happen when women, men, and youth particularly in marginalised communities, are empowered to lead policy and legal debates and determine solutions. We aim to achieve lasting and sustainable change, and engagement with communities and stakeholders, both at the grassroots and policy-making levels.