Sky Social is a youth-led organization and it works on inspiring, encouraging and co-creating systems of change through innovative thinking and outcome-oriented work and build solutions for gender issues, climate change, child rights, SDGs and other issues that affect young people and society at large. Along with ensuring participation and representation of youth in decision-making.

As an organization we believe that young people are catalysts of social change and empowering them will create a systemic change in the society at large. Sky Social has been mobilizing and engaging youth from urban and rural areas through its various initiatives and is ensuring that young people have the resources and knowledge to create a difference in the society.

One of the core elements of youth empowerment is policy advocacy. Young people have the passion and the capacity to create change, and that potential can be maximized with decision makers on our side. Including youth in discussions will result in inclusive policies and solutions that are truly responsive to the needs of the society at large.

A true partnership with youth as development actors means that youth play a role in every aspect of the program cycle, from design through research, implementation and evaluation, even in building capacity of other youth through social media platforms and peer to peer trainings. To ensure that young people are well equipped to do this, Sky Social has been working with young people through training programmes, skill-development initiatives, capacity building, internships and engaging volunteers.

Engaging young people in social initiatives can result in an increasing understanding and interest among young people in civic and political affairs and foster active citizenship: young people feel that they are actively involved in decision-making and that their concerns are taken seriously by government officials.

This can contribute to social wellbeing at an individual level, by building self-esteem and a sense of empowerment, and bring about important benefits for societies such as an increased awareness for common challenges and a joint commitment to identify solutions that work in the long run. Ultimately, it also benefits society as a whole by reinforcing positive civic behaviour: participation in civil society and politics, staying informed on politics, and voting or encouraging young people to run for official positions in elections.

Engaging people at a young age builds strong trust and transparency between generations and between citizens and their government. Understanding how young people use technology and reflect their use of traditional and new media into tailored communication strategies plays a central role for governments seeking to efficiently inform, communicate and engage with them. Technology and in particular social media has become an important part in young people’s everyday life. So, through various online activities and campaigns Sky Social is using digital platforms and ICT to engage and empower young people form across the world.

Sky Social follows a comprehensive approach and through that we empower youth and leverage their skills along with providing them with various platforms and opportunities that can help them in longer run.

Youth Workshop on Gender based Violence in collaboration with TARA Foundation, Delhi

Sky Social conducted an interactive session on Gender-Based Violence with the youth of Bhopal in collaboration with TARA Foundation, Delhi on 8th December 2019. 20 youth attended this session. The session aimed to sensitize young people about gender, gender roles, rape culture, and pop culture’s impact furthering the gender discrimination.

Workshop on Gender Equality- Mobilizing Youth for Social Change – Preventing Gender Based Violence at SECT college of Professional Education.

On 15th February 2020 Sky Social organized a workshop on Youth for Gender Equality- Mobilizing Youth for Social Change – Preventing Gender Based Violence at SECT college of Professional Education. 50-60 young people were sensitized in this workshop. The objective of this workshop was to educate young people about gender, toxic masculinity, patriarchy, gender based violence, and laws related to these subjects.

International Women’s Day Celebration 2020

On 6th March 2020, Sky Social celebrated International Women’s Day with an interactive campaign on the street of Bhopal where young volunteers interacted with people of Bhopal and talked about women rights and gender equality.

Skill Development and Training Sessions

Sky social is a training partner with Gramodyog Sansthan for Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana. Sky Social has been conducting computer training sessions at Sehore which includes basic training of Microsoft Office and Internet usage. We have taken almost 20 trainings of 5 batches in the period of 20th November 2020- 28th February 2021 of girls from the age of 17 to 23 years. The main target is to reach out to 700 girls.Their major skill development is for sewing machine but it also includes soft skill and computer trainings. 149 girls have so far completed these trainings and 70 are still in running. Out of them 78 has already been placed at various organizations namely Prathibha Syntex Pitampur, Trident Budni, and Vardhaman Industries Budni.

Gender Sensitization workshop in collaboration with India Global Social Service Society

Sky Social conducted Gender Sensitization workshop in collaboration with India Global Social Service Society in Bhopal on 11th February 2021. Women and youth from the community were a part of this workshop. The session revolved around understanding the root cause of gender discrimination, patriarchy, toxic masculinity and violence. Through various activities youth and women understood different aspects of gender and how it impacts their lives. During the session we also focused on gender norms and gender roles which we think are assigned by birth but in reality they are enforced by the society. A very important discussion was about gender and sex.