The hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. It employs people in diverse positions and capacities. Sky Social have highly qualified trainers who took up various sessions and provided the requisite skills to the students of Hunar se Rozgar Tak program.

Hospitality industry training is meant skill and upskill people who are planning to join the hospitality industry. It encompasses establishments such as restaurants and hotels that deal in food & beverages and lodging. It also includes the travel and tourism industry as well. Recreational activities such as spas in resorts also come under this category.

Generally, common training topics are onboarding, food safety, communications with guests, housekeeping, menu management, safety & compliance, and policies & procedures. The hospitality industry is a service-based industry. Its programs are tailored to educate participants on industry skills and how to use them to offer the best services to customers and uphold a hospitality culture.


Hospitality is a customer-facing service and its success depends on customer satisfaction. Whether interacting with customers, serving them, or handling their complaints, the hospitality staff needs the skills to meet these requirements. Only well-trained employees can professionally render quality customer services. This leads to customer happiness, which ensures customer retention, thereby benefiting your business

The module and sessions are designed in such a way that the students gets to learn the theory as well as practicality of all the topics and subjects that are necessary in the hospitality sector. To give students a holistic growth and development opportunity various interactions, group discussions and presentations are also included. Sky Social believes that to flourish and thrive in the hospitality sector knowledge and skills both are necessary.

Along with that skills related to digital literacy, financial literacy are also needed to have an overall development. Sky social provided the students with not only theory training sessions but also various practical at the F&B Lab, Front Office associate desk and computer labs.

The students were also provided with tool kits and uniforms so that they understand the usage of various tools and perform with confidence with a proper uniform. All these elements not only encourages students to do well, but also motivates and empower them to work harder and achieve their goals.

To gain more understanding in the hospitality sector, the students were given an opportunity to go for a exposure visit, wherein they understood the working of a hotel. They got an insight on the various responsibilities of the employees, the rules and policies of the organization and the detailed working structure of different departments. This visit helps students get a closer view of what they will be entering into and clears any doubts about the hospitality industry.