Sky Social follows a multi-sectoral and multi-pronged approach where it involves people, knowledge, information, awareness and action. Through various interventions at different levels, we engage in policy research and advocacy to ensure that the existing systems are in place and we can support the government and the organizations in ensuring sustainable change.

As an organization working towards Sustainable Development Goals, we plan and implement initiatives related to the global goals and translate them into local actions. We have been designing and implementing initiatives and programmes that are inclined towards sustainability.

We recognize that a theory of change is a useful methodology for systematized and coordinated planning, implementation, learning, monitoring and evaluation of social change initiatives. A core principle of results based management is that change requires an understanding of causal linkages. To achieve change it is essential to formulate a hypothesis of how such change would occur. Our systematic approach is clear on planning to contribute to the long-term goals defined by the 2030 Agenda in a way that ensures that resources are used to optimal benefits. It will also support us moving forward to design tangible interventions to achieve transformative and sustainable results in the field of gender equality and other social justice issues.

Sky social recognises that the operational context- organisational, national, regional and global- is constantly shifting and evolving, with new unforeseen risks and issues emerging all the time. This means that we are constantly having to dig up and challenge our assumptions. Our methods help us learn, to test and modify assumptions and adapt to emerging opportunities and challenges. It also allows us to pull out contributions to change, thus broadening our thinking from planning for results that can solely be attributed to our efforts for to cater to a large number of people.