Iconic Week, Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav

11 th – 17 th April, 2022 | Delhi

Sky Social was invited by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj for 'Azadi ka Amrit Mahostav'- Iconic Week Celebration and National Stakeholders Conference on Localisation of Sustainable Development Goals.

The initiatives taken by Sky Social were integrated in the presentation given by Madhya Pradesh on women and child rights and creation of child friendly panchayats. States from across the country presented their work and discussed about important aspects of localisation of SDGs. Action plans on achieving SDGs at local governance level were discussed.

Training Of Trainers By Department Of Panchayati Raj

19 th -20 th May, 2022 | Bhopal

Sky Social was invited as guest speakers alongside State Planning Commission MP, UNICEF, TRIF and Samarthan for a 2 day Training of Trainers (TOT) session on Localising Sustainable Development Goals organised by Department of Panchayati Raj.

Trainers from SIRD and NIRD attended the insightful sessions. Our sessions were focused on SDG - 6 Clean Water and Sanitation by creating water sufficient villages and SDG – 5 Gender Equality by creating women friendly villages.

These trainers from across the State will further play a huge role in localisation of global SDGs at grassroots. Post this training session they'll further train PRI members and other stakeholders on their responsibilities and work with them on improving the implementation of various policies and schemes. They'll also work further on creating awareness and monitoring of SDGs by working on local goals and targets.

We'll be supporting them further through capacity building, training and policy advocacy so that holistically these local goals can be achieved. Along with that we'll also work on monitoring and evaluation of the localisation process.

The sessions were quite interactive where we also discussed about the role of Gram Panchayat and overall the importance of localising SDGs for a sustainable future.

State Level Consultation On Role Of Institutions In Localization And Implementation Of Sustainable Development Goals

29 th June, 2022 | Bhopal

Sky Social participated in the state level consultation organised by the Department of Panchayat Raj and Rural Development to understand the role of institutions in localisation and implementation of SDGs.

Institutions and universities from across Madhya Pradesh participated and shared their insights with the government officials, NGOs and UN organisations to understand their role in policy advocacy and use their expertise in deriving innovative solutions to achieve SDGs at the grassroots. Institutions play a major role in knowledge sharing and their expertise will be essential in disseminating relevant information at the grassroots.

State Level Workshop With Officials Of Various Government Department

27 th June, 2022 | Bhopal

Sky Social Conducted a State Level Workshop with various officials from Rural Department, Tribal Department, Women and Child Development Department, Health Department, Agriculture Department and Department of Fisheries.

The workshop focused on how various departments can work in convergence at the grassroot level for localisation of SDGs. As all the SDGs and the 9 themes of the government are interlinked to each other, no department can work in isolation. This workshop demarcated the roles of departments and how each department is responsible in the implementation process by engaging their stakeholders at the District and Local Level, front-line workers and resource persons.

The discussion was very insightful and the Departments were keen on fulfilling their responsibilities under various schemes along with monitoring and evaluation for accountability and measuring the long term impact of SDGs achievement.

Panel Discussion With General Of Canada To Meet Consul General Diedrah Kelly And Consul Michael Vonk

Our founder Srishti Pragat was invited by the Consulate General of Canada to meet Consul General Diedrah Kelly and Consul Michael Vonk to understand the current situation of work in the space of gender equality, women and girls empowerment, inclusion and human rights advocacy in Madhya Pradesh. Our work at sky social on gender based advocacy with different institutions were discussed along with the challenges we face in mainstreaming gender in the policies and laws in the state. Key issues like missing girls for labor and sexual exploitation, women trafficking, increasing VAWG and women’s political participation were deliberated. Along with that there were also detailed conversations about the government priorities and based on our work experiences we highlighted that there’s a need for sustainable feminist interventions that focuses on overall well-being of women & girls and is not restricted to only their economic employment. There is an overall dire need to address the pressing global issues with a gender lens and for that local and foreign funds should be allocated.

The Government should prioritize creating safer spaces for women everywhere so that there is an overall impact on growth & development of women & girls, which will also reduce various risk factors that are involved in infringing their rights.

Roundtable Table Discussion On International Women’s Day, 2022 With By Environmental Planning & Co-Ordination Organization (EPCO)

Our Founder Srishti Pragat was invited by Environmental Planning & Co-ordination Organization (EPCO), Dept. of Environment, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh on International Women’s Day to become a part of a roundtable discussion focusing on the “Role of Women in Environmental Sustainability” alongside various other experts from the field including Dr. Savita Vyas, Dr. Shriparna, Dr. Sheena Thomas, Dr. Abhilasha Bhawsar,Shaan Suahs Kumar and Sakshi Bharadwaj.

At the panel discussion we talked about the work we do with youth from across the country and how young people’s contribution plays a major role in social change. One of important key point of discussion was on the intersection of gender and climate change, emphasizing on the fact that issues related to climate change cannot be addressed without inclusion of gender.

As an organization Sky Social believes that it is very important to work for women empowerment and prevention of gender-based violence so that women can use their voice and actively participate and become leaders at community, state and national level. For fostering women participation on any aspect, it is the need of the hour to support them, build their capacities and encourage them to be on the forefront without any qualms or fears.

Panel Discussion On Youth Leadership In Sustainability Through Renewal Energies With Erik Solheim, 6th Executive Director Of United Nations Environment Programme

Sky Social’s founder Srishti Pragat was a panelist by Ritva Foundation alongside other prominent personalities for the event “Youth Leadership in Sustainability through Renewal Energies. She shared her experiences and expertise of working with grassroots with the community and also emphasized on youth engagement for addressing climate change in India.

She also had fruitful discussions with Erik Solheim, 6th Executive Director of United Nations Environment Programme and share our experience of working on climate advocacy and on other SDGs in the state.

Sky Social is working with the state government to plan better climate action interventions and engage young people at the grassroots to ensure community participation towards addressing climate change challenges.

Unite 2030’S Panel Discussion For Seat At The Table Campaign.

Sky Social’s founder Srishti Pragat was invited as a panelist for the Unite 2030’s campaign launch event for Seat at the Table campaign.

As a panelist she shared my knowledge and expertise about SDG 8 which is decent work and economic growth. She also discussed about attaining gender equality by focusing on economic aspect for empowering youth and especially youth from marginalised communities.

Young change makers and leaders across the globe joined in as panelists for discussing about future of sustainable development, and making the world a better place by encouraging youth to become a part of decision making bodies at various levels.