Who We Are

Sky Social is a youth-led organization based in Madhya Pradesh working on gender mainstreaming and various social justice issues by accelerating change. Through an interventional model, Sky Social Social’s work is focused on supporting the government in achieving its target of the global goal of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Our work is reflective of its goals to achieve sustainable development goals and its various targets such as gender equality, ensuring inclusive education for all, employment, urgent actions to combat climate change, water and sanitation issues and last but not least promoting a peaceful and an inclusive society where justice prevails for all. We work with the community members, government authorities, various Departments and Ministries, UN Agencies, stakeholders, front-line workers and youth. We focus on creating an enabling environment in the society where there are supportive socio-economic policies.

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We at Sky Social envision a sustainable and inclusive future for everyone and creation of an equal and just society where there is equal opportunities and access to services at all the levels.

What We Do

Training and capacity building

Theme specific and self- reflective trainings, workshops and capacity building sessions with stakeholders, community members, youth.

Project designing and implementing

End-to-end programme development through all the phases.

Skill development programmes

Various skills and life-skills development for enhanced understanding and gaining expertise so as to get access to better employment opportunities.

Youth empowerment programmes

Engaging and mobilising young people through policy advocacy, mentorships, fellowships, volunteering, and creating youth groups and future leaders.

Global Sustainable Development Goals

Co-creating impactful innovative solutions for accelerating implementation of SDGs

Policy Advocacy

Engaging with multiple-stakeholder from varied sectors at local, national and global levels for effective and efficient policy implementation and policy changes.


UNICEF’s Youth for Children Programme

Engaging youth from across India through various interventional activities for ensuring the rights of children and educating children about exercising their rights.

Period No More Limits, Youth Ki Awaaz Action Network Fellow

A Campaign to dismantle the structures of patriarchy that oppress people because of menstruation, create awareness on Menstrual Hygiene Management and improve the accessibility of Menstrual Products in Rural Bhopal.

Training And Capacity Building Of Self-Help Groups

Strengthening women groups in rural and urban areas so that they can understand the root causes of gender discrimination & violence, get information about their legal rights and take initiatives individually and collectively to uphold their rights as well as reach out for help to appropriate redressal mechanisms provided by the government.

Youth Empowerment

Inspire, encourage and co-create systems of change through innovative thinking and outcome-oriented work and build solutions for gender issues, climate change, child rights, SDGs and other issues that affect young people and society at large. Along with ensuring participation and representation of youth in decision-making.

Stakeholder Trainings

Using a transformational, self-reflective innovative approach to engage and train stakeholders so that they understand the social issues like gender, education, health and SDGs by retrospection of their own behaviours and biases that showcase whilst they work with the community. Through this they themselves work towards attitudinal shift on a larger scale.

Unite 2030

As a country Ambassador for India our founder Srishti Pragat is leading programs, creating communities, expanding youth action, and working with policymakers & shareholders to build a global platform for young people and make them forerunners of change in order to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development goals by 2030.

Localisation Of SDGs With the Department Of Panchayati Raj

Translating global goals into local actions at the Panchayat Level by planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating SDGs and framing youth policies. Working towards the attainment of SDGs at the grassroots through concerted and collaborative efforts of all concerned stakeholders.

Our Partners